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Making The Dress: Alice + Olivia Luba Tiered Gown Knockoff for my Wedding Dress!

Well, I documented the making of my sister's wedding dress in 2017, so here we go! This is MY wedding dress for our upcoming wedding! We are really excited to have gotten the date that we wanted (we didn't even think it would actually be possible) for February 29th, 2020 in Hell, Michigan! That's right: We are getting married on a date that normally doesn't exist, in a place actually called Hell (which will likely be frozen over), and I am wearing a rainbow dress!  Needless to say, we have always been a bit un-traditional. The way we are doing it makes it beyond exciting for us and VERY memorable. The wedding itself will not be huge, but the party following in June will be inviting family from across the country and even some from other countries. Alright, let's get down to how I did this! I actually remember seeing this dress online via the Alice and Olivia fashion show for I think Spring 2016. I was bored on break at work, browsing all of the f