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KwikSew 3932 - Colorblock Queen

I realize I left everyone hanging after my last post, but I was busy moving again! Life has been weird, but at least it's been interesting? I reconfigured my sewing space for a compact 2nd bedroom in a 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago again, so I am gradually re-adjusting to my life out here. It's good. I'm home, and that's all that matters. This dress has been done for about 3 weeks now (with only about 8 hours of sewing) as many of you may have seen on the Instagram (@manicpop) but only yesterday did I get around to taking some photos of me in it before I actually wear it and go spilling stuff all over it.... like I normally do with ANY garment, unfortunately. Haha.  Around my usual fabric store, I'm becoming known as the "Colorblock Queen" and I love it. They know me too well. This dress is KwikSew 3932 and for the life of me, through Googling I can't believe I haven't seen any other renditions of anyone else making this out there. Ar