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Lipstick and Lyrics with SPRADA in 2016

It's weird to do blog posts with mostly phone photos at this point, but this is how I documented my most recent collaboration with SPRADA. I made the finale look for her show with a show that runs every year called Lipstick and Lyrics.  And here she is...! And here we both are! (Sorry dudes, had to use flash.) This isn't to say that getting to this point was easy, however. I basically made this dress twice due to the type of fabric I was using; a super-stretchy, super-silky 4-way stretch knit. And while I have worked with stretch knit prior and know the basic tips and tricks with them, I would almost say this was my biggest challenge yet.  Thankfully, I learned quite a few things (as I always do!) Let's talk about behind the design a little! First, me and Spencer met up to look at old looks we collaborated on when we did our webseries together in 2011 where I was the wardrobe designer.    More looks from 2011. Our inspiration w

Technical Flat Sketching

Recently, I went on a tech-sketch binge. Believe it or not, this is my favorite part of the process in fashion design; it's where ideas come to life, colors, patterns, textures look more like real-life, and when you move forward with an idea or not. Yes, it's nice to have a finished garment from your mind right in front of you, but I love front and back technical sketches so much. All done in Illustrator and Photoshop by me. All are fictional garments except for one... see if you can spot which one!

A New-Old Design: The Sport Skirt

It's about time I posted something that I designed myself! I made this skirt 9 weeks ago (so January 5th or so) but am only now getting a chance to post it. Behold, the Sport Skirt! (I don't know why that name popped into my head whenever I thought about it, it just did.) Now, if this skirt and the colors look familiar, that's because it is! Way back in 2012, I made a dress that I called the Mix n Match Dress and the skirt looked exactly like the Sport Skirt. See below: I also had leftover ponte knit fabric from my Kwik Sew dress from mid-to-late last year and wanted to get more into stretch knit pattern making (see below). So, those two together..... TA DA!  I did have to adapt my old pattern to a stretch knit pattern. I actually didn't even use my old pattern but adapted my blocks to a stretch knit pencil skirt shape and used my old pocket pieces as a reference for how I would make the pockets.  As with most stretch knits,