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Between The Burgers

Something super-cheesy I dug up from my music journal. Maybe I should continue posting on there, but I feel like this one may be a bit more "anonymous" than that one. So... and ex-boyfriend of mine and I spent about an hour coming up with this one day, laughing our asses off at how ridiculous this was. It still is ridiculous. Originally written: July 3, 2008. As if a clothing line, a record label, and a bar in the East Village weren't enough, Pete Wentz goes ahead and opens up a restaurant in Chicago, stupidly titled "Angels & Kings". {"Fueled By Ramen" was even dumber though, so I suppose I should be grateful for the upgrade.} And he has enough money, so why not, right? In 2 years when his band breaks up, he'll at least have a healthy income coming from those investments - people who are still "die hard" Pete Wentz fans even though the trend is over... Dave and I were talking about all this this morning for whatever reason wh
Space Oddity - David Bowie The Very Modern Dance by Destroyer More Destroyer music on iLike Commando of Love - The Anals

Winter Cuties

Kasia Din - Deru At First Sight - Jay Brannan Your Funeral My Trial - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Knock Knock - Lenka