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Frappuccino sweater and Paprika Patterns Jade Skirt

It's funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Aside from my amazing rainbow staircase I painted.... Other than that, I am back to taking photos in front of my orange bookshelf! I think that's what I mean about things staying the same. I used to take photos in front of it in the bungalow house I rented in Chicago from 2009-2014. By now, I am fully moved in and settled into my house in Grand Rapids, Michigan -- one WE BOUGHT. I know I mentioned it in my last blog post, but it's my biggest accomplishment so far in my entire life. We didn't accept any help from anyone in our family either -- so it was ALL us making the house thing happen.  During my settling in time, I have been able to already crank out 3 new items -- one being this ridiculously fun frappuccino sweater. I used a sweater knit from but found the Starbucks patch online.  I'm sure there is some sort of licensing issue with the seller of the patch and Starbucks