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Light the Windows in These Places Let In

Rhode Island is one of my favorite bands that no one has ever heard of (especially in the United States), but I think they definitely deserve some more recognition. I've written about two EPs of theirs (that roughly go together in my mind) in the past because I was so moved by it. View that post here: Rhode Island - The Third Person/Internecine I first heard this band in the early months of 2006 when they were featured on a BBC Radio 1 podcast featuring best new unknown artists. It was one of those instantaneous loves for me, listening to their song called "Big Two-Hearted River" on the train to work one morning. Rhode Island takes their name from the early incarnation of Belle & Sebastian, who are rumored to have called the band as an early project "Rhode Island". Unfortunately, this is a nearly un-Google-able band name which maybe be why this particular Rhode Island has been obscured from more recognition. Perhaps they'd like to keep it that way.
I found these little gems at one of my favorite vintage shops in Chicago today - they were hidden in the back, but clearly meant for me to find them! I'm always looking for things like this for pattern making inspiration. These particular Simplicity Home Sewing Catalogs are from Summer of 1967 (on the left) and Fall/Winter 1966 (right). The illustrations are great as they are mostly full-body in these and many of the items in here are quite simple as far as pattern making goes. I love the "obliquely waisted" contrast dress in this photo. I actually have 2 vintage dresses in my own wardrobe with this styling and it is always flattering. Sooo cute! Planning on a version of the diagonal dress with the built-up neckline as well. I also like that the back of them, they show back flat-sketch views of items in the catalog as well as approximate yardage for each piece! Similar items inspired by these catalogs (perhaps these very pages) are in the w

New, New, New!

Welcome, welcome. Fully revamped, this is where I plan on posting not only musical musings, but street fashion (check out my former blog, as well as a link to my soon-to-be Etsy shop of the same name, Manic Pop! Here is a sample of what's to come in general: Throw pillows! Handmade clothing by me! Reconstructions, also for sale at the shop (not the one shown, sorry!) Semi-psychedelic art (prints soon for sale). And current musical obsessions: Stay tuned!