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20 Feet Tall - Erykah Badu "Create Something to Love" - Oreaganomics Listen here: Call Me - Aretha Franklin Nothin' On You [feat. Bruno Mars]- B.o.B Seventeen Years - Ratatat The World Should Revolve Around Me - Little Jackie

The Third Person/Internecine - Rhode Island

Probably the most conceptual of Rhode Island’s albums so far, it personally blows my mind about how well-orchestrated every piece of the music is and how the lyrics and storyline read effortlessly. This is an album that is better played all the way though rather than shuffled and listened to separately. The EPs, which are intended to complement one another do well one right after the other, reading much like a satisfying movie with a great soundtrack that guides you – something like The Virgin Suicides in a way, but Rhode Island’s own narrative, whether based on a real or imagined story. There includes lots of talk about Switzerland throughout the two EPs – “I’ll never go back to Switzerland” sings Turner in a stronger, more anguished voice in “Hugh Person” much like he just realized he really never will go back, but always thought that Switzerland would be there and had time to return. The band shares the fact that the album is loosely based on “assisted suicide in Switzerland”, yet
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