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Burda's Changeable Infinity Dress

Well, I honestly didn't know these infinity dresses were a "thing" but I guess I do now! I can see why they make a popular choice for bridesmaids dresses as everyone can have their own look and yet remain uniform. This pattern is pretty new and I bought it on sale via Burda's website. I was intrigued by how it worked and it's much simpler than you would think! It does take a LOT of yardage (6.5, though I recommend 7 with seam allowances). The pattern wants you to use a medium weight jersey but honestly, the lighter the better if you ask me! My fabric is from (as always!) and is a super soft double-brushed knit. I knew instantly I wanted a print for this dress so I set off to find a nice printed knit. I only have 4 examples of tying this dress but there are countless ways of doing it!  I tend to like it a little twisted in the back although there are various ways of situating the back.  This way could be great for fall sin