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Manic Pop F/W 2017 Collection

Ta daaaaa! I cannot remember the last time I did a mini fashion collection, illustrated it, and "released" it. Generally, I have an inspiration board for these types of things but this time I just went with fabric inspiration first and played with sketching silhouettes, using the same color palette throughout. The fabric on the right here is my "soundwave" repeat that I drew out with Prismacolor marker initially and then played with a repeat. I used this print in the "collection" here.  And below are the flats (no, I did not draw out the back - haha) and colorways of the collection. I like how it came out! I realize that technically, I should use Illustrator for all my flats, but I tend to be a rebel. I am Illustrator capable (and have posted flats with Illustrator prior) but I have much more fun when I can draw, ink, and then scan them in for coloring in Photoshop. But nearly 10 years out of fashion design school, I hav