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Update: Sketching, Tunic Top, and New Career Adventures

I realized recently that I left my readers hanging here - no worries! I'm still creating! Albeit at a snail's pace for the time being.  I've been running through my head ideas for what I called "board collections" - flats boards, croquis boards, and inspiration boards for a "collection" that will primarily stay ideas and not become a reality necessarily.  I've been having a really hard time with collection planning recently. I've had a Twilight Zone themed collection swirling about for at least 2 years now and every time I start on it, I can't really make it cohesive enough. I guess it needs to be surreal and weird but I keep designing cute, wearable but offbeat garments. Ah well.  Here's a selection of some flat sketching I've been playing with, though I'm not too keen on anything to be honest. I do want to make some really beautiful, time-consuming sketches in a collection so perhaps I'll make