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The Tetrahedron Dress and Lipstick and Lyrics

So last night was the 7th annual Lipstick and Lyrics, which is an event produced by the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus that features drag queens singing live. It was definitely a fun night! I've been designing for SPRADA, one of the drag queens involved in this event, for her webseries since June - The Legend of SPRADA so it was really easy to work with her once again. (That, and I have missed whipping up pieces for her!) Before SPRADA, costume design/stage clothing is not something I had really considered though in high school I primarily was the one making Halloween costumes for everyone by editing existing garments or creating pieces we needed for the outfit. Each week or so with SPRADA and the tight filming schedule was like an episode of Project Runway for me as we had to make a dress out of garbage bags one week, and then the next week we would need what turned out to be the bandage-look dress for another scene. It was such a whirlwind that I was usually unable to get grea