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Current Inspiration

60s psychedelic landscapes, Islamic art, henna drawings, mandalas, Peter Max-like illustrations, retro-futurism - these are a few images I've downloaded onto my computer as a design inspiration/reference.  Since my fashion design work has slowed down for a brief moment (I want to work on some design boards, play with the mini-mandalas I started on a few years ago, work on certain fashion projects for far longer, etc.) enjoy some images that are currently inspiring me!        

Thrifting with Sally Ann from!

So me and Sally and her friend Michelle all went thrifting the other day at my favorite thrift store in Chicago! Sally was visiting from Florida and hanging out with her was pretty awesome since we've lived in the same part of Michigan long ago. I even worked with her younger sister at my high school job! Sally is a designer as well, so be sure to check out her blog and her Etsy shop to see the amazing bags she's made -  I have a rainbow one from her and it's seriously my new favorite. Sally was also nice enough to put me into a blog post the other day of hers so I thought I would show you what I found that day while out with her. It was like a day in the life of me in 2007! I lived in Uptown for 4 years before moving on the far northwest end.  All the awesome stuff I found, but we do have to talk about it because OF COURSE I'll be cutting up and re-imagining things!  Ok, the light in the sewing room is really yellow. Tried to color correct in Photoshop but

Trafalgar Dress - Tutorial and Construction

Alright, everyone! Here is the tutorial I promised of how I designed and constructed the Trafalgar Dress! This dress isn't 100% perfect by my standards but I had never done this technique before this and am still getting a hold on it. But it's an exciting technique that has changed entirely how I design now. What you'll need: Pattern blocks (or a fitted pattern you like) Drafting paper Pencils Ruler set - straight, hip curve, french curve Pins Thread/fabric/sewing machine Muslin  Dressform I attended the webinar that BurdaStyle did mostly about the technique Japanese designer Shingo Sato applies to his garments. I'll eventually be buying his book. If you're a fan of the Pattern Magic series, then you'll definitely appreciate his work. First thing's first - you will need to make a muslin in the shape of the garment you're planning to make. Much of my pattern work consists of simple silhouettes with color design inset pieces. I just

Trafalgar Dress

This one was a fun one! I'm starting to experiment with new techniques and this was the first one I created using a technique developed by Japanese designer Shingo Sato called Transformational Reconstruction. BurdaStyle also did a webinar on this technique a few months ago and due to being busy with my collection,  I just now got around to trying it out. The stripes actually go around the bodice (note the no side seam on the right side of the garment here!) and follow all the way to the back zip.    This technique has quite literally changed my design life!  Funny note, I have a bag that I use as a color pencil case that basically matches this dress, hence the name. I actually had the matching messenger bag in high school but used it until it died. Such a sad day! Closer detail photo. One thing: I wasn't as exacting with my lines while drawing them as I thought. Though I did true up the lines in the patternmaking process, apparently I could have done

Octobre Blouse and Time Warp Self-Nostalgia

Ah, October! One of my favorite months of the year!   This is a top I finished about 2 weeks ago and I hadn't gotten around to taking photos, took my time uploading photos. I'm slowing down a bit with blog posting since I'm mostly doing experiments in the sewing room on things, not working on a full collection like the 5-piece dress collection I did over the summer.  And I'm not sorry for lack of posting. See an awesome post by So, Zo about apologizing for not blogging.  This blouse is using the same pattern I made for my Mod Faces top - I just added a peter pan collar.   Pumpkin discus anyone?   This shirt is made entirely of leftover fabric. I had a friend who was moving and giving away some fabric and the "Octobre" fabric was in there with a bunch of other fabric she was done with.  The words on the print are two-way,  I just ended up cutting so much of the front appears upside down but it really isn't.