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Ultimate Manic Pop Collection

These are over a week late, but this is the 2nd installment of likely 3 mini computer design "collections" I have promised myself over this winter. (The next ones are "due" April 20th if you're curious.) This mini collection I'm calling my Ultimate Manic Pop collection - basically the epitome of my aesthetic at this point - stripes, mod, vintage inspiration, minimalist but strong usage of color, fun seaming. I have fun playing around in Photoshop, and it's nice to have new boards to add to your portfolio! This always feels like I'm creating the characters in another world.

Accidental Thrifting

I know someone who will be jealous of this skirt - my sister! I accidentally drifted into a thrift store on my way back from a grocery store I don't normally go to and of course, I end up finding way more things than I would at any normal clothing store.    Bonus - this skirt has inside pockets! The tag on the inside looks like it's perhaps 70s even 80s, but who knows for sure.  Then I found this sort-of oddball pair of shorts. I can't decide if I want to keep them longer or hem them up to a more reasonable length. (See photo below.) Faux roll-up where I might hem them to. This might make them more wearable. They need some extra work as there is a minor hole in the crotch seam but it's a super-easy fix. Hemmed might be better. I just couldn't not get them! These are definitely 100% polyester, probably dating early/mid 70s. I think hemming them is the best option after looking at the photos.   And then....! This is the house that just keeps

Never Go to the Mall On Saturday

So for some reason, I thought that it was a good idea to subject myself to the mall today. Why go to a mall just north of Chicago on Saturday? I do not know. I was looking for shoes and all the teenagers were looking for... people to look at them. I felt like I had stepped into the movie Mean Girls and everyone was staring at me because I was wearing the "wrong clothes". Whoops. Seriously, girls were upset at me for walking faster than them, a child laughed and pointed at me before the elevator doors closed at Target (me being the only one in the elevator!)  People looked at me like I was a Mennonite who happened to wander into a mall. I wondered what kind of hell I had actually walked into. None of them staring at me would have ever guessed I am a fashion designer.  Absolutely everything in this outfit is from my favorite thrift store: skirt, turtleneck sweater, belt. At one point, I thought I needed to hem this skirt just a little higher but I actually like where i

One Week Design: Mod Acid Dress

So this is the fastest I have EVER made a dress - from concept to creation - EVER!  January 27th, my friend Zoe "liked" a photo on my Facebook page - it was an old 45 cover to the Beatles' "Hello Goodbye/I Am the Walrus" single and BOOM this dress came into my head. Perhaps I also had been looking at too many Pierre Cardin designs from the 60s as well. See up there in the corner? I do this sort of thing all the time - get an idea from something completely unexpected. I've always liked that little swirly part. Never did I ever expect it to turn into this dress! Cliche, I know... but fun.  Photo from my Instagram of me putting together all the seaming on the top. Also of note: I think my dressform has broader shoulders than I do. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to make my dressform less broad! I used stretch knit for the first time since... maybe college? I can't remember. I typically use polyester non