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Broadcast Skirt

Somehow within my busy week, I still found time for another Manic Pop original sample garment. I spent all day Thursday working on patterns and then sewing this skirt which is really just a practice of me making side seam inside pockets (complete success.) It's good to work on your skills from time to time. To clarify: Patterns took about an hour to make, cutting/sewing took about 4-5. I wanted to take photos outside, but Chicago weather is NOT cooperating yet again! It's only about 60F out there and rainy. (About 16C for you Celsius peeps.) :)   Facing and all! I did run into a few minor problems with this skirt - obviously, because I didn't make a muslin and I didn't take certain things into consideration. I think this skirt makes me look slightly wider than I actually am, mostly because I didn't take the time to play with the shape of the skirt pattern, I just used my regular ol' skirt block. That's my own dumb fault. Another thing! I no

Castle Dress, NYC, and an Announcement

I'm back!  I took a nearly week-long vacation to New York and Connecticut and I finished making a new dress 1am, the night before we left! Me and Max wandered around on Tuesday, one of the stops being Belvedere Castle located in Central Park West. It's pretty much just a lookout point disguised as a castle but fun nonetheless.  Many people might not know, but Connecticut is actually my homeland. My family all lives in a quaint, New England town in Southern Connecticut about an hour and 45 minutes outside of New York City. In 4th grade, we actually made a field trip to the Statue of Liberty. I remember forcing my mom to come to the top with me, as at that point you could go up to the crown (they might have reopened the crown by now.) I think memories like that make me want to become a New Yorker, though only time will tell really. I know it's cliche for anyone to live in NYC, but as a fashion designer it's quite difficult to do anything

It's My Birthday!

Admittedly off to a rough start, I got myself dressed and am heading out for something for myself. Might be an Argo Tea, might be some flowers for the porch from Home Depot.... something.  I'm alone for most of this birthday today, so I'm probably going to try to sew one last item before my trip to Connecticut which I'll be celebrating my 27th birthday with family... and Carvel ice cream cake! For some reason, this dress just asks for a bouffant-ish hairstyle. I seem to usually have my hair like this whenever I wear this dress. I bought it long ago at Lenny and Me in Wicker Park though they have since closed. Photo of me in this dress by Jane Chu, 2011. See more photos from mine and Jane's photoshoot in 2011 here . It's still one of my favorite vintage dresses! I'll be in both Connecticut and Brooklyn soon, so I plan on using that whole week to splurge on myself for my birthday. That's what vacations and birthdays are for, right?

Be Social!

Hey guys! Just checking in - like Manic Pop over on Facebook for some extra goodies ( 100 likes just happened today!) Manic Pop Facebook Page  And say hi on Instagram!  @uniko509

Completed: Sunset Maxi Skirt

Finished what I am calling the "Sun set Skirt" last night!  Ok, ok - I am faaaaaarr from a Photoshop expert. If you look hard enough, you can see a bunch of flaws. My advice? DON'T LOOK SO HARD. This skirt is made from a very fine, stretch lycra. In retrospect, perhaps not the best fabric choice. The fabric shows every minor sewing issue and when you walk, it stretches in such a way that the fabric looks like it's a pattern issue with pulling. Also, the fabric store I go to - you have to take your choices. I originally was looking for a stretch jersey but didn't find anything I liked. I also had completely different colors in mind but couldn't find the hues I wanted. I'm not beating myself up about it. This was my 2nd stretch knit fabric garment ever and it was my own pattern.  You may recognize the design from my Ultimate Manic Pop Collection board I did. I never planned on making anything from that board, but over time I real

White Picket Fences

Yes, yes.... I know. I haven't finished sewing my quick-and colorful-maxi skirt yet. These things take time. And pattern making in between days I'm at work.  FILLER POST!     Not an original of mine, this dress was found for about $6 at the same super-secret location in Wicker Park. The shape on me is fantastic - giving me the appearance of a super-tiny waist. It's also my favorite fabric, polyester! This photo feels oddly late-90s for some reason - like I should be listening to Stereolab , or Super Furry Animals , or something. (I still listen to those bands.)  Maybe you can see in this photo a little, but it sort of makes this upside-down v-shape under the bust. There must be a name for it, but I don't know what it's called. The seaming is the same on this dress from last year, oddly enough found at the same shop! I'm not sad, it's the sunlight! I've also had this purse since high school (at least 2003). It's from one of