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Burda's jersey knit twist top

Super quick make = super quick post!    I made Burda's jersey knit twist top which has a dolman sleeve-like effect. I have a top like this in all black which is one of my favorites. This one is a little more special because it does what seems like a Pattern Magic twist within the pattern making. Here is a photo with the 1st seam sewn. It only has 4 seams and then sleeve and bottom hem plus neck stitching! I actually had this fabric in my stash since November. It is one of those trompe l'oile prints where it appears to be knitted but is really just printed.  Good for me because while I like sweaters, I also tend to run hot and sometimes sweaters are constricting.  This was a fabric I added onto my cart on to get free shipping! 😆😆 Initially I thought I might make a plain turtleneck out of it, but this is so much more interesting! I probably will make a few more of these when I get a chance!

Butterick B6554 Wrap Dress

I'm on a roll lately. I'm just gonna keep cranking out new pieces and buying new fabric because that is what my life is currently all about! I finished Butterick's B6554 recently and finally got around to taking photos today. This is my 1st mobile post because my laptop's fan recently died and I would prefer not to overheat my computer while the other replacement fan is being shipped! 😆😆 We decided that today we needed to take photos in our soon-to-be-new city of Grand Rapids, Michigan! More details forthcoming but we are really excited for a change of scenery and a new life.  We goofed off quite a bit in these photos as you can see. The backdrop is downtown Grand Rapids on the iconic blue bridge. For this dress, I used about 5 yards of fabric from (my go-to!) of Kaffe Fassett's "Lake Blooms" fabric. Fitting that it would be called "lake blooms" since now I am on the opposite side of the lake from Chicago.