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Sport Skirt Origins

It's really amazing that I was finally able to release my 1st PDF sewing pattern -- a design I dubbed the "sport skirt" for some reason.  I think it's because it reminded me of ready-to-wear "sportswear" and I didn't have any other creative names at the time, but it stuck.  I have long had this skirt (shown below) which is a skirt from NYC brand, Brooklyn Industries. I used to work for them long, long ago and it was a fun time. This orange skirt has been a favorite of mine for many years -- I loved the ease of it and all-season wearability. It was great with graphic tees and even dressier tops!  So really, with my Sport Skirt variation which I created in about 2016-ish I sought to re-create the body of this skirt (super simple design) but adding another favorite of mine, these crazy contrast slash pockets.  The pocket design came off of a dress pattern that I called "The Mix n Match Dress" in which I was going to have various pieces for the bod

More Items to Shop! NEW Red Bubble Store

I just noticed that Red Bubble has the option to create your own made-to-order face masks of your own artwork!  Of course, I had to jump in on that since people have been asking me for masks "of my own design". The truth is, I do not have a lot of woven fabrics on hand nor do I really enjoy basically being a manufacturer. Let the pros handle that, right?! I enjoy making samples of original garments but that's about where it stops. I would much rather put in the work to release a PDF pattern.  Either way, being on Red Bubble now effectively opens my designs up to home decor (which I never thought I would be as excited about!) as well as mugs, iPhone cases, tablet cases, and more. It's always been awesome to have things on clothing, so I suppose this was the next step. Check out MANY MORE new items via my Red Bubble shop, including more clothing items! All items are made to order and shipped directly from Red Bubble.