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Surface Design

 Hey guys! I think I finally realized that I love surface design. I never would have guessed this would be something I would get so excited about. I know it's been a minute, but I am finalizing my swatches for releasing a bunch of fabric designs at once. I don't know if I can really call it a "collection" since they all look a bit different in ways from each other, but they all came from me. I am using the same process as I had posted about on this blog sometime in 2015. All of my prints are hand-drawn and then thrown into Photoshop. Sometimes I color them in Photoshop, other times I color them with watercolor pencils and then throw them in for a repeat. (Excuse the low-resolution, by the way. The actual prints are in 150 dpi and very crisp.) For this leaves one, I hand-repeated in real life using a quadrant method. I scanned the step before cutting and then filling in white space, and then hand-filled the white space. Whatever I filled in white-s