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Burda Stripe Top and NOT Reinventing the Wheel

Hey guys! Check out a new Burda asymmetrical stripe top that I FINALLY finished making!  I bought the magazine with this pattern in it over 2 years ago and while digging through my stuff, I found this pattern. I kind of yelled at myself like, "WHY haven't you made this yet?!" Since I am playing with more jersey knit/stretch knit, this one was perfect. And the fabric from couldn't have been any softer, stretchier or nicer to work with!  It sewed up really fast, but I was also really lazy with it, taking weeks in between to just hem the sleeves or bottom hem. No real reason why, aside from work being busy and I just wasn't feeling like jumping into my sewing room.   You can see on this side, I matched up the stripes pretty well but the other side (probably due to the scrunchiness on the raglan sleeve on the right side) is kind of a mess match-wise (below). But no one really cares!!  The thing is, I literally used to make

Fun with 3DRoomstyler

Hi guys! I'm being lazy with designing and sewing right now (in the middle of transferring apartment units in our building at the moment and therefore, packing) but I have been playing with designing rooms on 3DRoomstyler! It's a program that I have had downloaded for a long while, played with a little and now after almost a year later, I am addicted! It's a free Chrome extension so anyone can download and play with it. I will have an upcoming "how to" on it via another place I write, The Art Shake   so mark your calendars for April 19th to get a basic run-down for how to make a room in it. (Or just try it yourself. It's pretty easy!) For now, have a look at the rooms I very recently have made/designed in it! "Oak Park Entryway" "City Condo" "Chicago Front Room" "Fictional Chicago Apartment"