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Hey June Handmade Colorblock Hoodie Hack

It's been way too long since my last post on here. I made SOME things in 2019 (a pair of flare jeans I edited from  Burda pattern #6543, a crop top from a vintage 70s Simplicity pattern, Mood's Brya pants whipped up quick, and a TR experiment that only failed because my pattern blocks are somehow STILL not a perfect fit. Ugh.) But I mostly was still adjusting to life in Grand Rapids, enjoying the 1st full summer in GR, enjoying the Beetle convertible(s). .... I know. Our asses ended up with two of them. Not gonna question it, just gonna roll with it (haha). I would like to keep documenting what I make though because honestly.... sometimes I look at something and go "How tf did I do that? What did I do to edit that?" I take some pretty decent notes within my pattern packets but still. So this awesome colorblock hoodie! I was browsing Pinterest one day and saw this hack  and immediately I knew I wanted one. I know... I know.... I have like 3-5 other p