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Tools of the Trade

Well, I'm currently in the process of packing up the sewing room to move to greener pastures. I have a new studio that will be about twice the size of the one I am currently in now (though I really like how cozy and compact it is) to make room for the rest of Manic Pop's products and inventory that is upcoming. That being said, I haven't been sewing at all due to packing and coordinating the move. Plus, my sewing machine desperately needs a tune-up as some odd bobbin tension problem is happening. (I cleaned it out, adjusted the upper tension, even adjusted the bobbin tension, re-threaded a bunch of times, etc. and still not much luck!) It's about time to take it in anyway since I have had it for about 9 years now and have never taken it in for a tune up. Whoops. For the moment though, I want to talk about machines! When it comes down to it, I'm an analogue girl. I am also a minimalist. This is why I have only had 2 machines for the past decade of sewing, asid

Scallop Flutter Dress and.... BAGS!

I'm back! I can hardly keep up with all the cool things going on at the moment! But first, I want to introduce you to a lovely new custom dress available in the shop NOW!   Oh yes, and I chopped off my hair since the last time I appeared on the blog. I'm typically a short-hair girl so I have no idea how it got so long.  Let's take a closer look at this dress!    Another scalloped beauty! This print was amazing and I had to have it for Manic Pop. Print availability is limited! So order quickly if you love this print. (Yes, I can make it in your size!)   I love the way the yoke came out. I integrated sleeves into the yoke by doing a drop-shoulder so they look like tiny cap sleeves but have the ease and movement of a sleeveless dress.  If you've been following the Instagram at all lately, you'll see how I made a super-cute owl bag (the first ever Manic Pop bag!) and lots of you out there loved it.  This bag is essentiall

Creatively Busy at Manic Pop

Lots going in the Manic Pop-world! It's only been about 2 weeks now but so far I've made the Scallop Neckline dress (photos soon and will be available for custom ordering), made a very special garment for one of my favorite bloggers which will be seen soon, as well as working on a custom order of a different kind. Sneak peeks of everything going on for now are available on the ManicPop Instagram feed (@manicpop) but right now we are busy, busy, busy! The video filmed about Manic Pop 2 weeks ago should be up soon - but for now, check out some more of the fantastic work by Carlos Martinez and the other people he has filmed already for this project. Be back soon with more fun things!

Manic Pop is Going Mobile! Boutique, That Is.

Here's the deal: I know I mentioned a hiatus from Manic Pop for a bit, but Manic Pop will NOT let me quit for some reason. Instead of fighting it, I am going with it. Super-excited to announce that I am going full time with Manic Pop here on out but with a much-expanded product line of many crafty retro things such as my original handmade garments, totes, accessories. Stay tuned for all the product I have lined up! Currently, here is what is happening:  -In the middle of securing another van for the Manic Pop mobile boutique - follow the Twitter page @manicpopbus to see where we are! Currently building up inventory for the next few months but will be gearing up for a "Midwest Tour" in 2015.  (Ok, I only wish this could be the bus, but I'll create something as cool as I can.... plus dependable .) -Videographer is doing a profile on me and my design work with Manic Pop in the studio! -Also was just given the domain name ever so kindly by Mi