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Blog Fashion and Vintage Knitwear Project

I wasn't sure I would ever do this in particular with this blog, but the day has come: Photos of myself wearing slightly oddball things. I figure, why not? This is what I looked like today. I had actually forgotten I have this particular pair of pants in my closet as working my retail job, we have to wear clothes from work and these are from Forever21 from maybe 3-4 years ago. Sometimes, pairing them with a top can be daunting which is probably how they ended up in the back of my closet. Also, I may or may not have gone out in public with the fur collar. I realize it's more of a dressy piece (see how it's used here in a photo my by friend Jane) but I liked the pairing with the lumberjack shirt.                                       Details. Necklace is resale from Buffalo Exchange.  Without the fur collar. As of late, I've been taking a short break from sewing and getting back into... KNITTING! I actually thought I had completely forgott

Colorblock Apron with Sewing Patterns!

So my mom asked me to make her an apron for Christmas - and this is what she's getting! (I  know, I'm super-dorky. And I'm still have way too much time on my hands to play with Photoshop. And yes, my face is meant to be scary-ish in a 50s/early 60s sort of way.) Detail of the apron.   And here are the pattern pieces. These are drawn to scale with a 1/2" seam allowance around all edges except where indicated with lines. Striped seam allowances are 1". Each piece also says how many to cut, length and width as well as a marked grainline.  The pattern I made is essentially a close knock-off of the one I had in my house which my great-grandmother made from a shirt she never wore! This specific pattern is slightly larger than hers. I don't know if she made the pattern herself or if it was from a commercial pattern but I do know my mom says she used to go to this specific grandmother with a clothing design idea in h

Move Your Feet!

Ok, I think I'm re-obsessed with Junior Senior. Perfect time to get super-into them again as the Winter Blues start kicking in. They're the perfect blend of rainbows, retro-sounding pop, quirkiness, psychedelia, and overall they're just tons of fun. If you're not a fan of them by now, these next videos surely will convert you. Musical caffeine of sorts. Basically, if I had to be personified into a band, this is it! I'm still not over their breakup in 2008, clearly.