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New Dress form, New Design in the Shop

After almost a month later, my 1st professional dress form has finally arrived!

Overall, I am very happy with how sturdy she is as well as the quality. It's almost identical to dress forms I learned on while at school and best of all, she's not on a tilt like my old dress form! 
The service part about getting her to me is what I am unhappy with. I really, really, really wanted to like my experience with The Shop Company which is where she's from. Compared to home-sewing dress forms you can get at big retailers, she's a steal for the price. However, what I paid in price I seemed to have to "pay" in time and frustration.
Story time! (this is a long one) : I ordered her on New Year's Day - a late Christmas gift from my mom as she didn't know what I wanted/needed. Ordering a dress form like this, I cried because I have come so, so far in the past year or two with my designs, shows I've been in, and things I have worked on, sold, etc. I deserved it!…