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BKI Knockoff Tunic Top

One more like I promised....

Can you guess which one is the impostor?!

 The one in the middle! 
So the story goes is that I have these sheer tunic tops from Brooklyn Industries that I love. I love them so much that every time we would get one in the store, my coworkers knew I was going to buy one. (I have a few other sheer tunic tops from them!) Wandering around in the fabric store about a month or so ago, I found this floral sheer print fabric and knew it would be perfect for another tunic top. It was only $6 a yard, so I figured I would try sewing with sheer fabric.
If only I had a pattern! I looked around on Burda for something that could be a tunic top approximation and even in the store for a pattern from another brand but.... no dice. It seemed like there was a general lack of tunic tops as a whole everywhere I looked. 
So, as always, I got to work making my own sewing pattern. 
I paid VERY close attention to detail on this one as I wanted to see how close of a knock off I cou…