Thursday, January 9, 2014

And The Winner Is...

Well that was a fun little poll! 

I asked and you guys all responded with a resounding 62% - the Petra dress will be my 1st PDF pattern. Don't worry though - if you liked either Sunrise or Scalloped Pocket Dress, those may eventually turn into PDF patterns as well! 

At this point, barring any software issues I am scheduled to call for pattern testers in about 2-3 months. I'm giving myself a big lead time on it so I take my time and don't rush on it. The physical patterns have been made since July but now it's just a matter of sitting down and grading the pattern as well as digitizing it. 

In the near future, I'll be making another Petra Dress in my size from the PDF I am creating before sending it out to testers! There will be a full instruction list along with sewing suggestions, cutting layout, fabric requirements, etc. 

Let's take a closer look about the design!

 The Petra dress has a gentle A-line shape flare, features a jewel neckline and 2 contrast side panels based on princess side seaming. This dress is inspired by a 60s dress by designer Pierre Cardin.

 Please note that there are side seam pockets! 

The dress also has a center back zip and is finished off on the inside with an all-in-one facing. 

This dress is fantastic because not only have I worn it in the summer heat, due to the colors I made it in, it works just fine for winter with a cardigan and tights! There are endless color variations with it as well. Go for super-bright kitcshy colors like pink with orange and purple contrast or a more contemporary look like navy with tan and pop of yellow for contrast.

I'm excited for this journey and the chance to bring Manic Pop into the PDF world. Stay updated via the blog or Facebook page!

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