Saturday, January 25, 2014

Recent Features and Update

Quick post about recent features and the latest bit of craziness I'm working on!

Today I learned that I was featured on BurdaStyle in their "Best of October 2013" gallery! I have no idea how long this particular gallery has been up, but I was surprised to see my face in there with the Trafalgar Dress!

I've always wanted to be in their feature gallery for something and was really excited to find this out! I also may have had a featured member project at the bottom for the Sunrise Panel Top back in April, but I really have no proof of this. I just know that I got a slew of comments at once and 28 favorites on it!

Also really exciting for me: A feature on We Sew Retro's Facebook page for the Colorwheel Skirt in December!

It's always really exciting for me to be recognized for my craziness. I do really hope that garments I make bring joy to people and I am really looking forward to be eventually releasing a PDF pattern to readers/fans/what have you for purchase. (Yes, still working on it. These things take time!)

I am currently also working on a dress that came to me the other day. I decided it will be part of the new 2014 Manic Pop collection I'll be putting onto a design board soon with the intention of making most, if not all the dresses. This collection may be delayed and/or postponed due to the PDF pattern getting precedence this year, but we'll see.

The dress is currently in the sewing stages, but here is the muslin version with the shapes tacked onto the bodice:

The colors I will be using on this dress are fantastic. Max says they are definitely "my colors" but hey - it's good to be known for something, right? There are also more pieces I added after I took this photo, and the design will be symmetrical on the front of the dress.

This dress is inspired by the prismatic designs, as I call them, that I do. I noticed that I'm really into doing them in the winter and thought, "Why don't I bring this element into my fashion design work?"

 I know I have posted these pieces before, but these are prismatics I drew out a few years ago and colored in with watercolor pencil.

So that's that for the moment! I finally have Illustrator on my computer again to get started with the PDF, so expect the blog to be a bit quieter for a bit while that gets worked on. Perhaps I'll do some fun posts about other cool things in the mean time.

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