Saturday, January 11, 2014

Art Deco Top

So while we were all under house arrest on Monday due to deathly windchills of -42 degrees here in Chiberia, I decided to make the best use of my time and use an old pattern  and make up a top!

Max found this fantastic pseudo-Art Deco print at Textile Discount Outlet one day and persuaded me to get it. There was a little more than 2 or 3 yards left on the bolt so we just bought it all!

This top is the same pattern I made for the top in which I call the Octobre Blouse.  I did send off the original Octobre blouse to my sister but I wanted to have a woven version of this design in my own closet!

Bonus: As I was cutting out the front pieces, I didn't have to fuss with matching AT ALL. In fact, I didn't even think about matching for some odd reason. I just plopped my pattern down on the fabric and cut away. Good thing it turned out fine!

Percy was being super-needy and wanted to get into EVERY photo today. So he got his own shot. 

Back view.

 One nit-picky thing about this top: look at the shoulder seam line. I probably originally made this pattern as sleeveless and then added the sleeves another time. Why is the seam line so far in, you ask? I was told when making sleeveless items, curve inward about an inch from the shoulder line down to the middle of the armhole, give or take.

Why is this bad? You guessed it - usually messed up the sleeve. On this top I don't feel any issues while wearing it aside from the fact that maybe the armhole should be dropped just a teeny bit but I always seem to have that issue.

I'm going to be re-adjusting the master patterns for my own bodice blocks so these minor issues don't happen in further projects. This hardly affects the wearability of this garment but it could affect future samples.

Can't wait to wear this one to work sometime next week!


  1. Great top in awesome colours. Your needy cat looks a lot like my needy cat! And I am at the opposite temperature at the moment, it was 42 degrees at 6 pm last night!

  2. such a great top! I love the colour combination! I hope the cold has settled down now. We've just had one of our hottest weeks ever! Poor Adelaide in South Australia was the hottest place on earth for 2 days straight! Its not even a desert or anything, just a city like Chicago but some how became hell on earth!


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