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Choose Manic Pop's 1st PDF Pattern!

Alright, kids! I said that I wanted to release a PDF sewing pattern in 2014 and I'd like to make good on that. Here goes nothing!

Right now, I'm in the planning stages of it all. The patterns are currently made for all of theses styles from 2013 but I need your help in choosing which one I should release!

You can either leave your answer in the comments or click on the poll on the right sidebar - voting ends on January 9th.     ------------------------------------------------------>>>

 Please note that all these patterns include POCKETS. Petra and Sunrise have inside side-seam pockets and the Scallop has designed slash pockets.

The pattern will likely see a full release by late 2014, perhaps Autumn 2014.  More details closer as I move along on this.

I'll need about 10 pattern testers about 2 for each size. I'm planning on US sizes varying between 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8.

More information and photos on each design here:
Petra Dress
Sunrise Panel Dress
Scallop Pocket Dr…