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Time Being Creative and Prismatic Designs

I have plenty to work on in the sewing room, but it's been a high of about 15 degrees lately (about -11 for my Celsius friends) and the sewing room gets super-cold as there is only one heating vent out in the hallway. The space heater can hardly compete with the drafty window up there from the 20s either. Needless to say it's been to my advantage to staying downstairs sketching in little notebooks my friend Jena made through her brand, Time Being Creative. 
I feel like I stole this from a vintage crafts book, but this is really me! I'm wearing my Trafalgar dress design from a few months ago.

 Here, I'm just making notes of the length of a top and did a quick sketch of the item I'm planning on cutting soon with patterns I made from the Judy Dress
(Follow Jena @timebeingcreative on Instagram to see more of her notebooks she's making from vintage books/recycled papers.)
Although I love designing and making clothing, I've been a bit more inspired recently b…