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Scallop Pocket Dress

The last dress of my 5-garment dress collection, designed entirely and made from May to September this year. What a summer it was!

Although the pattern isn't 100% perfect, I'm really excited about the new tricks I got to use on this dress: a scalloped yoke using both this and this tutorial as well as inset square pockets on the front of the dress with a large trim around it.

 Ok, forgive me: we shot these in Michigan and I didn't have an iron or steamer on hand. The back got crinkly from the drive in!

This dress is only the first go-around of sewing it and I have some minor adjustments to make, as always. In lieu of making a muslin, I usually just jump right into my fashion fabric unless I'm working with something really expensive. These were errant yardages I had in my stash along with some new trim I bought for no reason before deciding to use it on the dress.

First thing's first: the single side dart really bothers me. The looseness in the top can be attributed …