Monday, September 30, 2013

Jade Skirt by Paprika Patterns

Ok, so I'm not necessarily any good at following directions: I'm supposed to wait to post my version of this, but it's been 3 months since it's been made and I've been wearing it around a bit!

This skirt is the Jade Skirt by Lisa who is releasing PDF patterns online via her company, Paprika Patterns.  This is the first garment I've ever gotten to pattern-test and the first pattern she is ever releasing!

When Max is taking photos, he's always telling me to do the "goofy model poses". I suppose this is an attempt to get me looking more natural in photos since I don't always.

The skirt is made out of a stretch-knit fabric. I chose this stretchy floral - don't ask me what it is exactly because nothing is labeled at the fabric store I go to! I assume it has spandex in it for stretch as it's not a cotton stretch knit. I initially almost thought this floral was kind of ugly, but it grew on me. I also realized just now that it looks a ton like the curtain fabric I used a long time ago in the mod guest room!

 The skirt fabric is pretty thick and I made it with the intention of wearing it in the fall and spring seasons. Here, you can see the stretch knit I used for the inside which is sort of a maroon-ish color.

Overall, I didn't have any major issues with sewing it, although it took me a few tries to get the folds right. Max actually figured out the folding process before I did and lucky he did otherwise I would have sewn it all wrong!

I finished making it in July 2013 - it was really only about 4-5 hours worth of sewing, though maybe I could have had it done sooner. I would have sewn the lining slightly differently than what the pattern instructions call for but since I was testing it, I decided I should stick with her method! I made a size 2 but I did have to take out about an inch on each side in the shape of a dart on the waist. I'm also not used to skirts riding a little lower on me, but that's definitely intentional in her pattern.

The back has no folds. These photos were taken outside of the blacksmith shop in my old yard in Michigan. Yes, it's real and if he needs to, my step-dad actually uses it! I think it also houses a tractor from the 30s inside of it somewhere. I grew up as a city girl doing country things, living in the woods, and it was kind of awesome.

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  1. oh how cute! I thought that those were sewn in panels, but the are folds. how clever! Youve done a very good job with your version

    1. Thanks! It's a really cool pattern! Quite different from what I normally sew which is why I wanted to test it. Not accustomed to all the folding!


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