Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Art of Dressmaking: A Butterick book from 1927

While a small departure from my normal 60s/70s  retro fashion posts, I couldn't help but want to share some images in a book I found in my basement recently. It's a Butterick sewing book from 1927!

Yep, you read that correctly - in my basement!

I went to go do laundry and it was just lying on the floor. No rhyme or reason, it was just there. I live in a house where old people's belongings still exist but the people don't any longer (we've moved a lot of stuff around, gotten rid of a ton) but this book must have been in a box near the steps in the basement that I overlooked. I'm assuming the cats knocked something over as we have a pile of stuff headed to a thrift store.

While this book is not filled with a ton of amazing photos (it's a very solid how-to book) there are a few cute illustrations that are definitely worthy of sharing!

Come take a look with me!

Title page

Roman numerals!

I had no idea that these arrowhead tacks were a thing.

Look at the scallop/snail shirring!

 My sister actually is much more into the 20s than me. Have a look at her Tumblr or her newly-opened online store!

Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. How interesting that the sewing machine in the illustration is a Singer model 101, only in production from 1925 to 1930! I saw one of these last week at the Great Allentown Fair; it took a ribbon in the antique category.

  2. great book! will you be keeping it or give it to your sister?

    I have a book from 1911 called "the womans book" which is kinda like mrs beatons. the sewing section is very small though.

    1. Good question Cat...

      She says she has a digital copy of it, but she might need an original on her shelf. I know she'd love it.

  3. awesome info! I love the little tie with the ball on the end of it. :-)

    happy sewing!!

    1. I didn't even know you could DO that! Haha. Same with the snail shirring thing. I have never seen it. At least, I don't think I have.

  4. You must have sewing gremlins living in your basement who just know which stuff you should keep. :) I think the illustration of the women shaped like a rectangle is great and kinda funny esp. when they're getting measurements and they're shaped like a box. What a great find!


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