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Showing posts from September 22, 2013

Michigan Trip to Art Prize!

I'm back from Michigan!

This will be a really photo-heavy post. We decided on Wednesday to head out since we needed to escape Chicago for a bit. Our neighborhood has mostly been ok (knock on wood) but you know how Chicago is... wild west out here sometimes. Yikes.

It's nice to get out in the country!

 We set out to my first time at Art Prize which is an art competition held for 2 weeks in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's essentially a vote-your-favorite-piece sort of contest with artists all around the world but many are from Michigan and surrounding Midwestern areas.

As the week goes on, voting is limited to a few best and you only get one vote. The first round (which is what we were there for) you can vote people as many times as you want for as many people. The winner gets a $200,000 cash prize and runners up get some money too.

I spent a bit of time in Grand Rapids during high school since it was the nearest big city to where I was living for 7 years, Fruitport, MI. It…