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Burda Fall Coat

It finally cooled off a bit to take some photos of my fall coat!

 Although I had planned on making my own version of the Pierre Cardin one that I so loved, I found this pattern on Burda about a month ago. I figured if it's just for me, why really go through alllll the trouble of making my own coat pattern?

 I'm still not 100% thrilled on the back of it (I had some issues with the pointy-ness) but this is as good as it's gonna get. There comes a point on projects where even if you rip it out a few times, you just have to go with it or you'll never get it done. It's good to be meticulous, but don't do it to your detriment.

You guys wouldn't believe how hard it is to find coat fabric out there! The fabric I used was a wool melton blend from I first toured around Joann's to see if they had anything (of course they didn't) but had some nice colors. This wool blend is nice and thick! I was really impressed with the quality of it. T…