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The Art of Dressmaking: A Butterick book from 1927

While a small departure from my normal 60s/70s  retro fashion posts, I couldn't help but want to share some images in a book I found in my basement recently. It's a Butterick sewing book from 1927!

Yep, you read that correctly - in my basement!

I went to go do laundry and it was just lying on the floor. No rhyme or reason, it was just there. I live in a house where old people's belongings still exist but the people don't any longer (we've moved a lot of stuff around, gotten rid of a ton) but this book must have been in a box near the steps in the basement that I overlooked. I'm assuming the cats knocked something over as we have a pile of stuff headed to a thrift store.

While this book is not filled with a ton of amazing photos (it's a very solid how-to book) there are a few cute illustrations that are definitely worthy of sharing!

Come take a look with me!

 My sister actually is much more into the 20s than me. Have a look at her Tumblr or her newly-open…