Saturday, June 8, 2013

Manic Pop Etsy Line Sheet Preview

Hey everyone!

I'm starting sewing patterns for my Sweetheart Dress pictured in the last post tomorrow and/or Tuesday, but I wanted to throw out a tentative line sheet I was playing with the other night of 5 designs I have in the works for the upcoming Manic Pop Etsy site!

The idea behind these are simple yet fun dresses that will be fairly easy to sew and make into other sizes. I'm thinking of making them on the first go'round one size (the size of my pattern blocks which are roughly a US size 2).

During ordering, you may specify custom sizes though colors may slightly vary due to fabric availability. I'm still working out exact details on that all, but I suppose it will be a trial and error sort of thing.

Also items I will be offering because I have patterns made already:
The Judy Dress ( some with handmade from scrap fabric mushroom appliques!)
Sunrise Panel top 
Mix n Match Dress
A sleeveless version of the Castle Dress
Short and long variations of the Sunset skirt (and in better, less crinkly fabric)

....and more! I plan on having vintage in the shop as well.

The original designs will be appearing on Manic Pop as they are created up until the official launch, which I speculate to be mid-September. After that, those items will be available for purchase.

Let me know which ones are your favorites!


  1. Eep! I love the scallop pocket dress and the mix and match dress.

    1. I'm partial to that scallop one too! And I've worn my Mix n Match countless times. Definitely a favorite!

  2. The scalloped one is cute! and the Ana is cute too. Will they all be in those set colour combinations?

    1. I'll probably search for fabric close to those colors but also the colors can vary. I might put an option on there for custom color specification if someone say, wants the Scallop one in purple instead. Thanks for your feedback!

    2. And actually...I may have to improvise construction on the scallop one. I have an idea of how I'll make the pattern. A seam like that isn't that fun to sew, but I think I have a solution!

  3. Oooh, they look so cute! I love all the bright and bold colours you are using :)


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