Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fun in the Sunrise Panel Top

I finished my Sunrise Panel top! Yay!

Here is something to learn from this top: Always add an extra 10 inches (I swear to God) to your sewing pattern! Why? Because then you'll end up with a too-short top like me. I suppose my real fault is not making a muslin before going into fashion fabric, but I'm lazy and impatient when it comes to things I'm making for just me.

Although really? I guess it's not that bad. I won't be going out alone looking like this, that's fer damn sure! I get hit on far too much over here and that's not being conceited. Men are pigs around my neighborhood, really.

I mostly plan on wearing it like this with my beloved orange Brooklyn Industries skirt from about 3 years ago.

And here is the back, if you're curious.

Things I learned while making this top: 
  • Like I said, over-add inches to your bodice block after tracing. You'll thank me.
  • I'm now better with zippers, but still not perfect. This top has a side zip versus center back. Initially, I was planning on making it a center back zip until I realized I couldn't wriggle myself into it. Lesson learned. 
  • Now I know exactly how to do a full lining in a top/dress. I did it once before with my Cloud Dress but now I'm more likely to remember. Max was actually the one who was like, "I think you need to open this seam too before turning it." Totally right. 3D modeler also equals spatial knowledge with fashion design, apparently.
  • I did utilize my knowledge of hand-basting a zipper in from the Cloud Dress as well, but I could have sewn a little further away from the zipper than I actually did. 
  • Make this in a knit fabric. Yet again, I am too lazy to head out to the fabric store to buy EXACTLY what I should use for a specific garment. I made this with a bunch of leftover material from so many things. Oddly, it ended up being pretty much the color scheme of my wallet! I guess I know what I like, huh?
Either way, none of these things are really THAT big of a deal and the top works, looks awesome. Yet again, something I'm in love with the seaming of. I haven't seen anything like this out there currently yet it's exactly what I wanted.

Until next time, kids! 

Sunrise Panel Top - designed/sewed by me aka Manic Pop. 
Red jeans - Serena Mavi denim via Brooklyn Industries
Orange Skirt - Brooklyn Industries
Glasses - Urban Eyecare, Wicker Park


  1. I already wrote on your burdastyle post but I had to write here as well! Such a great top! How difficult were the curves?? Would you be incredibly angry if I copy you??

    1. Ah! That's a nice compliment. "Copying" is the sincerest form of flattery if you ask me.

      No, the curves weren't difficult at all for me since I sew quite a bit. I think this would look fantastic in black and white. Just make sure you clip your curves after sewing! You should be fine. Mine has a full lining on the inside to cover up the fact that I had sooo many exposed seams on the inside.

      PS: Post a photo/link to my post when you finish yours!

  2. This is so cute! I really love all the colours! I'd love to try to make something similar one of these days, but maybe in a variety of shades of one colour. I think that would also be cool.

    1. Thanks, Megan!

      Yeah, it was pretty easy. Go for it! Post a photo of yours too when you finish one of your own! :)

  3. so awesome! its good that you learnt heaps but also came out of it with a sweet wearable top! been plenty of times where i have made a lot of judgement errors and ended up with some more fabric scraps...!

  4. you are so adorable! i'm glad i found your blog!

  5. Your top has stolen my heart! I love the way you mixed the color panels. Is it possible to make a kid-version of the top? I would like to make one for a little pop-lady, if you don't mind? ;-)

    1. I don't see why not! I'm not familiar with kids clothes at all, but you might have to shape seams differently for a little girl due to lack of bust?

      I'm so flattered that this top has gotten so much love! It was a super quick sketch just hanging around.


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