Friday, March 1, 2013

Self-Designed Latch Hook Rug Madness

Here is my latest, crazy idea that I'm on a roll with this week: My own-designed latch hook rug!

This thought first came into my head as a reality mid to late December 2012, however I did post this amazing DIY from a 70s book I had back in July: 70s rug hooking.

Rug hooking is essentially a lost art if you ask me. Most kits that come in stores are super-dorky -  Tweety bird, Eeyore, a husky face.... I don't know. Odd, vague things like that. It doesn't have to be that way as you can see in the 70s blog post which includes a super-crazy geometric pattern.

Me and Max are reorganizing the entire living room sometime next week and I really want a crazy area rug that will go underneath the small dining room table we have. This area rug is planned to be about 5 feet by 3 feet.

Here are some photos of some shag rugs/area rugs that got me inspired for this project:

And here is me playing with colorways on my own rug design:

I think I'm really geared towards the 2nd one - lime, sea green, and straw yellow. How many rolls of each pre-cut yarn do I need? Really not sure, but I plan on over-buying color from here just in case. I know Joann's sells the rug canvas at their store, but I am not sure if it's by the yard or just a standard size they sell.

This is the easiest way for me to have a shag rug in colors and a pattern that I want and it will probably cost less than $30 but it will take forever to make. I have latch hooks from long ago (thanks Mom). Ask her about the tree skirt we all have been working on (including Max last year) since I was I was a baby.

I think the reason that one is taking so long is that there are SO many color switch-offs that it's hard to discern what color goes next even though it's painted on the canvas.

Don't expect to see this thing done until perhaps 2014. I'm serious. Even longer? This is just something for me to do to fill some extra time up when I'm not inspired to sew or knit.

Will post progress photos from time to time however!

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