Saturday, June 1, 2013

Upcoming Projects: A Current Look in my (Digital) Sketchbook

Time for another installment of What's in my Sketchbook! 

Note: I draw my flats by hand, Micron them so my scanner scans them efficiently, then I color/add patterns in Photoshop. I really *technically* should use Illustrator for flats, but... forget it. 

 This design has been in my head for some time now. Remember that beautiful psychedelic print I found at a boutique that was going out of business? This is the right dress for it! Only now, I must decide on a colorway with the stripes part. What do you think? I'm partial to the orange/lime version but that's just because I like loud things.

Fabric sample.
Coming soon!

Also, while I was on the train to NYC and flipping through my InStyle magazine, I found a dress that I loved by Chloe in their fall collection. However, can I really afford that dress? I didn't even hunt down a price on it, but it's fantastic. (See dress on right.)

Then I found this other version of it online -

 So this is the best part about being a fashion designer - it then occurred to me that I could make the damn dress! So I sketched it after my initial sketch of it on the train which looked more like the original one to create these colorways.

I'm actually really in love with the top left one although I love orange as a rule. I think I want something more subdued and fall-ish so I'll try to find fabric for that one. 

I have no idea when the Chloe knockoff will get done, but I'm excited to try it out! I think it's a fantastic dress and I'm mad that I didn't come up with the original idea. I know that knockoffs can be a huge fashion no-no, but I am also of the mindset where I believe that designs shouldn't be "patented" otherwise, we would have a very bland design world with tons of restrictions. 

That being said, I don't mind if people even knock off or copy my designs so long as they say inspired by Manic Pop/copied from Manic Pop. I got at least 10 people asking me if they could do a version or even straight up knock off my Sunrise Panel Top idea and I said, "Sure! Show me when you're done!"

There's lots more to argue about with fashion/design/knockoffs/etc but it's a huge debate. I'll spare you.

These designs may be weeks in creation as I still am involved with my internship all summer, but I'll try to crank them out!


  1. I can't wait to see you in this. Cool illustrations.

  2. I admit I am guilty of making knock offs but usually only of things I see on Urban Outfitters or Top Shop - Which are all knock off anyway! I wouldn't dare to try to make some other those gorgeous garments from the high fashion designers, only because I don't think I could do it justice. But I really like the Chloe dress - esp your design on the bottom right


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