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Retro Book Installment No. 5

Today's retro installment comes from a book I found at a garage sale about 2-3 weeks ago by Mechanix Illustrated's How To Do It Encyclopedia. This sweet old Polish woman named Harriet was telling me all about her life and talking about her husband right in front of me ("He's ok, but eh! What the hell?" she said with a Polish accent coming through.) She also told me to "use your brain" when thinking about kids in the future, who you pick as a husband, etc. Hilarious but perhaps sound advice from a seemingly near-90 year old woman.

 I'm assuming these were her husband's books he no longer cares about. They only had 2 of them and this one is Volume 14, "Sa through Sw", printed in 1961.

I also got an awesome 60s polyester dress from her which she says was her daughter's (that will make an appearance soon enough!), a bag, and some curtains which fit perfectly in a window here.

I saw the photo of this on the back of the book - look h…