Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dreaming in Dacron: A Seventeen Magazine from 1968

The other day me and Max went over to a relatively new thrift store in our neighborhood (which is a mess - not sure if they are planning on fixing that or not) but I unearthed a Seventeen magazine from March 1968. At first I was like, "Oh, Seventeen magazine... whatever." But as I flipped through the pages, I began to be delighted over the ads and how sophisticated the fashion actually was for a teen magazine. (Nothing like today's teen magazines.)

Seventeen really looked like a fashion magazine - on par with today's Teen Vogue - or perhaps even Nylon. As I leafed through the pages, I got so excited that I nearly was hyperventilating. I plan on using ideas from this magazine for more things I am making in the future - so much amazing inspiration! I hope I'll find more magazines from the 60s as I wish fashion and photography looked much more like this today.

So here I bring you a very photo-heavy post from Seventeen's March 1968 issue!

Note: The magazine is in less-than perfect condition and my scanner is not quite large enough for the entirety of each page, so some parts may be a little cut off. Sorry! 

 Is this where I get my love of spray-painting home goods? Side note: I'd love a record player like that!

 Alphonse Mucha inspiration for this make-up ad? Love!

 Perhaps the most popular eye shadow color, late 1960's.

The jacket up top there is just DYING to be re-created. I think I have to. It's so contemporary.

Ok, these are really weird recipes. Look at the "Doggie Burgers" - gross!

This "Balloon Brights" ad here.... totally reminds me of a scene in Saint Etienne's "You're in a Bad Way" video. I'm excited because I get to see them play Lincoln Hall October 29th! One of my all-time favorite bands and they rarely tour to the US anymore. 

Hope you enjoyed all the photos!

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