Friday, September 21, 2012

A Day at Chicago Botanic Garden


The name is really misleading - Chicago Botanic Garden is really located in Glencoe, IL which is a bit of a drive from where I live, but this is the 2nd time this year that me and Max have gone! (Note: Need membership!) 

 Today we brought along my friend Shardae who is also a fashion designer! A fun person to bring along.

Every time I'm at the Chicago Botanic Garden, there is something new I never knew existed (today being my 3rd time there.) Today I found out that there is 15 acres of prairie grassland out there. How could I have possibly missed that? 

There are 24 gardens overall, but the one I tend to spend much of my time in is the Japanese Garden. We actually found a 2nd Zen Garden with an enclosed rooftop, table, and seats which I had never known to exist there today! 

Here, Shardae and I are nearby the Waterfall Garden, laughing at our new duck friend taking a bath in the water below.

Japanese Garden.

It was so sunny in most of these photos! I kept closing my eyes. 

This dress was originally much longer, but I thought it definitely wanted to be a mini dress. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of what the original version looked like because that was before I took tons of photos of things I was doing. (I still forget to take photos, actually. It's sort of tedious when you're in the zone of working on a project.) This dress is a vintage piece I found at Hollywood Mirror on Belmont about 2 years back and this might only be the 3rd time I've worn it for some reason!

 I like how this dress has a much larger print up top, then fades into another all-over print.

Instagram Photo Op.

My vacation is going by too fast but it's been fun!

We actually didn't get to go around to a ton of the gardens since we were hungry and the cafe somehow closed at 5pm. I guess it is time for "fall hours" already? I have had food in the cafe as late as 8pm before.

If you're in the Chicago area at all, I highly recommend taking a trip out here. It's worth it since there are so many garden "worlds" to walk through. I really like the English Walled Garden they have here too. Coming up, they have a Halloween festival (mostly for kids it looks like), and an autumn beer tasting October 11th.

See all of their upcoming events on this page. 

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