Thursday, December 27, 2012

Year-End and One Year Blog-iverrsary

I came up with this sort of collage-thing after not finding anything I liked online and took to Photoshop like I always do.

Though this blog wasn't technically started a year ago (a little more, actually) it is a whole year from when I decided to make it a regular thing - a New Year's Resolution of sorts to make more things than I had before.

I highly recommend this to any designer who is stuck in a rut. For me, I would make things and then have no way to share, get feedback, or overall display it besides Deviant Art but DA isn't really known for people finding fun fashion-related things. This was a much easier route. It's easy to post to Facebook, easy to make a FB page for, and I can direct people here to see work.

My personal life this year was full of ups and downs: From losing my cat Arthur to cancer, to getting new cats Percy and Beatrix, to re-finding my current boyfriend Max, to breaking up from a 3-year relationship, and taking on more financial responsibilities... it's been a year of real learning.

Beginning this year, I had said to myself that I had wanted to re-teach myself knitting. I didn't even remember how to cast on! And then I made pieces (on the 2nd try) for my knit/fabric combo coat then also designed and made a knit hood! I really had no idea how to increase/decrease at the beginning of the year and was even scared to.

I can safely say that now, I have the basics of knitting down, really. There are still many more things to know, but I do know how to get places.

I also made a total of 8 original garments/accessories this year - a record, I'm sure of any year I have been out of college! Those garments include the knit coat mentioned above, the knit hood, the Mix n Match Dress with stripe pockets, Mix n Match dress with peter pan collar, the Space Dress, the hand-printed Cloud Dress, Stripe Dress, and the Rainbow wallet.

I have decided that 2013 will be the year of refining my draping skills as I refined knitting skills this year. I also want to play with much more complicated patternmaking (maybe like the Pattern Magic books?)

I also have a few things in conceptual stages: a retro latch-hook area rug which would continue all throughout 2013 as well as finishing a 3 knitwear design boards by February 1st, and currently concepting a dress with this amazing psychedelic fabric that Max's mom gave me for Christmas! I think I'll use the yellow buttons she gave me too on it.

Happy New Year, Everyone and above all... Happy Creating!

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