Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blueprint Croquis Board

Ta da!

I am finally finished with a collection of boards, this one for faux-collection called "Blueprint". The collection consists of clothing designed basically after some really cool furniture I found scrounging around online. See the inspiration board here.

I actually didn't even expect this to get done today, but I am a zipper and hem away from finishing a new dress as well!

The next set of design boards I plan on working on is a set of knitwear designs. We'll see how that one works out as I have never thrown a knitwear design board into Photoshop.

I also was thinking: the beginning of this year when I started my blog, my goal this whole year was to re-teach myself knitting again. Looking back, I re-taught myself knitting by making the knitted the cuffs, collar, and waistband of this jacket and then ended up making my own pattern to design and then make my knit hood! So, it's been a successful learning year.

In fashion design, there is always much more to learn. Perhaps in 2013, I want to focus on draping more. I'm not stellar at draping though I do know the design principles of it.

Draping, 2013 it is!

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