Monday, April 2, 2012

Pattern Magic

While not a vintage craft or sewing pattern, I wanted to share my excitement of discovering these books at a recent trip to Chicago's MCA. I always enjoy checking out the gift shop and one of these amazing books was on the shelf. Apparently, they were only in Japanese up until not too long ago. Nice to have an English edition to follow along to!

These books are full of insane pattern-making how-tos! I recommend these for an experienced pattern maker as they can be a bit complicated even for someone trained in pattern making like me. My favorite teacher in college was Japanese as well - someone I learned a TON from. She worked for Issey Miyake for a bit and gave me an appreciation for the complexity (or simplicity) of making sewing patterns.

I believe she considered fashion design "soft sculpture" in a way and that changed a lot for me once I looked at it that way. To this day, I get pretty excited about seeing and working with sewing patterns. Fashion design is much more technical, mathematical, and precise than most people realize.

Another teacher of mine related fashion design to architecture and the pieces in this book are definitely architectural and pushes our concepts of what clothing can look like. 

I want to try making a woven garment like this! So pretty.

I'm totally going to set out and buy all 3 books. 

 (These photos were stolen from Google images, so apologies to anyone who originally posted these. Too good not to share!)

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