Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When Seafoam Green is in Fashion

Not sure what possessed me, but I decided to dye a huge chunk of my hair one of my favorite colors - blue-green. Perhaps my cat Arthur's death on Friday night, early Saturday morning had something to to with it - I don't know. Brian and I found him in much pain and zombie-like that night and took him into the emergency center. Hardest night of my life. I absolutely loved that cat and cannot express how much I miss him. The vet was nice enough to make a paw print of him for us since he was a polydactyl (in my opinion the best cats!).

Anyway... this dye took 2 processes of bleach. The dye I used from another beauty supply store initially did NOT take at all in my hair. A friend tipped me off to a salon in Chicago called Twisted Scissors which is one of the very few places to buy Special Effects dyes in the city. 

I had used this brand some years ago (like 4?) when I dyed my entire head Atomic Pink. I didn't have to re-dye that color for a MONTH! Best unnatural color dye ever! 

The color looks more green in here (I did use Sonic Green) but in real life, the color is more turquoise. 

 Obligatory pretend-model pose. Haha. 

Still subtle though.  

 Also, on a recent thrifting outing, I found this over-sized tank top that I'm going to make either into something else or re-do and update. I love the print!

A co-worker tipped me off recently about this new micro-trend called "seapunk". This tidbit of info. was sprung on me by me saying I was going to dye a chunk of my hair blue-green. "Oh, like a seapunk?" He asked. I had no idea.

Apparently, this subculture is all about web 2.0 imagery, sea green hair colors, gradients of blues and greens, as well as has their own music genre. It seems to have started as a web joke, but some people are taking it seriously? I don't know. I am definitely not a seapunk. I don't know anything! But New York Times has a little more info. Interesting to say the least.

Lots of beginnings and endings for me - the most exciting is working on a small collection of clothing for my friend's store in San Francisco (in idea planning stages, nothing for sure) and I just got asked to work on another costume/wardrobe assignment. We'll see how either pan out, but the line in SF is much more likely.

I'm almost done with my knitting for that jacket, almost done sewing the weird colorblock dress (I've been slacking, kids), and heading to Connecticut to see my family next week. Whoo!

Cardigan - Brooklyn Industries
Mucha-like t-shirt- believe it or not, many years ago at Wet Seal
Skirt - Brooklyn Industries
Boots - thrifted
sea green belt - thrifted

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