Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trafalgar Dress

This one was a fun one!

I'm starting to experiment with new techniques and this was the first one I created using a technique developed by Japanese designer Shingo Sato called Transformational Reconstruction. BurdaStyle also did a webinar on this technique a few months ago and due to being busy with my collection,  I just now got around to trying it out.

The stripes actually go around the bodice (note the no side seam on the right side of the garment here!) and follow all the way to the back zip.

 This technique has quite literally changed my design life! 

Funny note, I have a bag that I use as a color pencil case that basically matches this dress, hence the name. I actually had the matching messenger bag in high school but used it until it died. Such a sad day!

Closer detail photo. One thing: I wasn't as exacting with my lines while drawing them as I thought. Though I did true up the lines in the patternmaking process, apparently I could have done a little better. The pink fabric also isn't as flat as I expected it to be, but I'll explain more about that.

I will be talking a little next week about the process of pattern making and construction, so stay tuned!

Another side view. 

 I've also been stash-busting, so you may note that a lot of this fabric is familiar. The blue fabric is indeed from the Castle Dress I made in May. I also used the skirt I made for the Castle dress with this bodice because I liked the shape so much. This is why it pays to save all your patterns, kids! 
Other fabric used is from the Sunrise Panel Dress as well as a dress I shortened (by a lot!) in 2012.

Like I said, stay tuned for the tutorial!

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  1. wow, that looks awesome! The one-piece bodice is interesting too. I would normally find that tricky one 1 fabric, but with other, and on a curve? wow your so clever!

    My mum had a Trafalgar travel bag too, but it was red, blue and white. Not as fun as yours!


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