Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Manic Pop Etsy Shop - Grand Opening

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to stop by and mention that I now have listed all the dresses I've been working on this past summer into the Etsy shop!  Please come take a look!

At the moment, the ones from the dress collection are made-to-order, but I do hope to do some other variations in other sizes for a straight-purchase.

Currently, you can choose your sizing (see Manic Pop sizing in the shop) in custom orders but colors and trim may vary due to availability.

It's been a summer full of designing and creating. Thank you all for watching me on this journey! I am not currently planning on a next collection for at least a few months (or longer?) but meanwhile I am experimenting with new techniques and you can hope to see some of the experiments end up as fully-realized garments in the shop soon!

Thanks again!


  1. congratulations! i will have to try to buy at least one some day! good luck and i hope you sell lots and lots dresses!

  2. Agh I'm so excited about my dress!


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