Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Vogue 9024

I FINALLY finished my 1st Vogue dress ever, Vogue 9024. I don't know why it takes me so long to finish up sewing projects anymore aside from just... life. Seriously. But at least I get things created at this point!

 This dress is made from a sage green ponte knit and black and white honeycomb print ponte knit. Although I always go by my measurements, I still think I could have made this one maybe 2 sizes down. After washing (even with a prewash) the fabric may shrink some more so we'll see. But I really should be cutting like, a size 6 in ponte knits and an 8 in wovens from now on even though my measurements are far more like a 10.

 I liked this dress because of how easily you could do colorblocking. And everyone knows how much I love colorblock!

 This dress is actually an out of print pattern. The styling is a little more sophisticated than I normally opt for, but I still quite like the outcome of it.
 Showing the little "peplum" detail. This dress is fully lined and it self-lined. The only thing I was annoyed with was that it didn't tell me to sew the lining pieces in reverse to match up with the asymmetry of the outside of the dress but I have been sewing long enough to know that I would have to change the way the lining was to make it line up properly with the shell.

Overall, a cute dress! I may have to make another sometime in 2 sizes down to see what happens with that and perhaps even a long sleeve version for winter in some fun colors? We'll see.

I currently am in the process of drafting patterns my sister's wedding anniversary dress which is based on a Regency era style of a dress. I also am planning on a fun star-print romper thing and yes, still will be releasing those prints via Spoonflower. I have a lot of creative projects all at once, but that's how I like my life!

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