Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Look 6493 with Star Print fabric

And here is my finished version of New Look 6493 using a fun star print fabric!

I am super happy with this one! This pattern actually went off without a hitch and I made it pretty quickly. I started cutting fabric on my birthday, May 9th and then finished it up on May 13th one evening. 

I know you guys are mostly used to seeing me in super-bright colors, mod silhouettes, prints, etc. but I have always been someone who morphs quite a bit and this romper totally suits my current style which is a lot more blacks and greys than before. Life has given me more of my fair share of lemons these past 3 years more or less (I'm definitely on the upswing in the past 6 months), so that could be the reason for the gradual shift away from bright colors. Either way, we all change and should let ourselves be changed.

I bought the pattern on a whim to Joann's one day when I needed to grab a zipper for something I was making.

 Although I love the romper version, I would also love to make a dress from this pattern someday! It would be super cute.

 I cut a size 10 in this (my usual size) and made no pattern alterations except for strap adjustment. Usually, I have to account for moving my waist up about an inch on most patterns but this one was just fine the way it was when I did a tissue fit on my dress form. (Her measurements are almost exactly the same as mine!)

Perhaps my back on this one gapes a bit more than others who have made this, but I am always going to have to wear a cami underneath this one.

 Crazily enough, I also did not have to make any adjustments on the pants of this as usually the crotch on things sits too low for me.

 Not the best close-up of me, but here is one so you can see the overall star print on this one!

The fabric I used for this one was purchased from (as always right now!) and the print is called "Witchy" by DTK for studio e fabrics.

As I was ironing it, I realized that in all actuality it is probably a Halloween fabric! It's a fairly lightweight 100% cotton so it doesn't look or feel weird in a romper. Upon doing a Google search, it totally is a Halloween fabric!

That's not all that crazy to me to be drawn to this as I have been learning tarot card reading for the past 4-5 months. I'm always learning something new.

I also will be needing to finalize some prints/fabric I have designed on Spoonflower really soon (about 8 of them being released to sew with!) and now I must jump into 1st anniversary wedding dress patterns for my sister's 1st anniversary in October.

I haven't actually made any sewing patterns from scratch in almost 2 years now (sadly) but hopefully it will be no problem getting back into it!

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