Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Super-Quick Viewmaster Top with New Look 6217

This post is going to be really straight forward, but I am finally getting around to making myself some much-needed tops!

This pattern was SO easy to put together it was almost insulting. Haha. You only need to cut 2 pattern pieces (front and back). I also measured and cut my own neckline bias binding because I didn't have twill tape on hand and I wanted the neckline to match.

Needless to say, I cut and sewed this pattern up in about an hour -- no joke! I took lots of breaks/lazing around in between making it so I didn't make it straight through, but it was no more than an hour and a half of sewing and that's including installing a back zipper.

I'm always at odd with myself when I make things: Should I make something that actually challenges my vast knowledge of sewing and design skills or should I make things that I will actually wear even though they're super easy? Super-easy and wearable won this time.

 Zipper open, obviously.

I could have very, very easily made the sewing pattern myself for this top but when I spotted this one: New Look 6217 online for like, $4, I couldn't say no.

It was the perfect shape I was looking for! 

This fabric is super-cool. I bought it on Fabric.com the same exact time I bought the Pepsi Scallop fabric for the Saint Pepsi Dress because I wanted to add enough fabric for free shipping. Hahaha. The information printed on the selvage said it was by Cotton + Steel for Fall 2014 and was apparently designed by Melody Miller. (Good job, lady!) I couldn't resist the color palette and retro nostalgia that is the Viewmaster. 

I was one of those bad-ass kids that had not only the classic hold-up-to-your-eyes Viewmaster, but I also had the projector!
I still remember the sound it made when you focused it. 

 I plan on styling this top with a long cardigan this time of year as well as a chunky scarf. I knew I needed plain ones for some reason and this is why! To wear with cute print tops!

I am also planning on maybe using this pattern for a stretch knit jersey version using my Victrola print that I made last year. I'll have to edit the pattern slightly for a stretch knit, but hey! That's why I have brown pattern paper. I might make up a muslin with leftover stretch knits and see how that goes too. You never know. But I have been looking for really artsy/psychedelic-ish printed tops (like 2 I once bought at an Urban Outfitters almost 9 years ago that I have worn to DEATH!). Making my own with fun fabric could be my solution.

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  1. Totally loved the "Viewmaster" print on your top !
    I've tried my had at sewing and have not been successful enough to go back.


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